"There is nothing more constant than change"

- Heraclitus 535BC

My work has morphed over the years, simply because I'm always discovering new pathways within my psyche. 2013-14 brought the shapeshifting animal and human figure to the forefront and was well received.

A new chapter began in mid-2014 with the direction of my new work. Three disparate themes run through my current work: cartography, sexuality, and the complexities of food in relation to intestinal health.

Collage has been a consistent element in my work since 2004. I am adamant about recycling and made the decision to incorporate found objects into my work, thus saving them from a landfill. Personal and cultural references are attached to items like a concert ticket or bottle cap. Including them in a painting honors the time and era that item represents. Clients have even asked me to incorporate ashes of their beloved pets. Of course I obliged.