Born in 1976 in Wisconsin and the eldest of three girls, Lisa Albinger knew at age 5 that she was an artist. "You'd rather stay in at recess and draw. That follows you into adulthood" says Albinger. Her pinnacle childhood dream of being a Disney animator was curbed with the introduction of computer animation. She spent her formative years in a scoliosis back brace, 23 hours a day, which still reflects in her work. Her oil paintings follow the protagonist through the vastly different landscapes of Wisconsin, Arizona, and Oregon where she once resided. Lisa holds a BFA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Her work has been shown at the AZ Science Center planetarium, R. Pela Contemporary Gallery, Phoenix Center for the Arts, Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, and featured on PBS's Arizona Horizon program. Lisa's work has been published in over 20 publications and is in the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum Permanent Collection. She currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin.